Rod Melancon Song Licensed for Toyota Commercial

Rod Melancon’s “Wanna Go For A Ride” from his Medina River Records release PARISH LINES (available at Amazon) has been licensed for use in Toyota’s new 2019 Corolla Hatchback commercial! We’re pretty excited about that. Congratulations to Rod!

Rod Melancon Releases New EP

Rod Melancon LA 14As you may have heard, Rod Melancon moved to a new label, Blue Élan, last year. We were sorry to lose him, but it was the right move for Rod, and we are happy to report that he’s still making great music!

Brian Whelan is still working with Rod as his producer, and the new EP, LA 14, is pretty rockin’, while leaning more toward Rod’s country roots. Rod’s songwriting remains strong on LA 14, still haunting, still swampy.

We truly wish Rod the best of luck with his new EP, LA 14. You should give it a listen. The full album is scheduled for release later this year.

Check out the first official video from LA 14.

The Americana Music Show features The Far West and Rod Melancon

We want to send out some thanks to Calvin Powers of The Americana Music Show for covering both of our artists a couple months apart.

Episode #183 includes an interview with Lee Briante of The Far West, and episode #199 finds Calvin interviewing Rod Melancon.

Those are a couple of great podcasts that, in addition to the interviews and music by our artists, also feature some good tunes from some of our other favorites, such as

  • Ray LaMontagne
  • Malcolm Holcombe
  • Old Crow Medicine Show
  • Corb Lund
  • Eden Brent
  • Jason Isbell
  • Drive-By Truckers
  • Luther Dickinson
  • Uncle Tupelo
  • Willie Nelson
  • Red Molly
  • and more!

We sure appreciate the support from The Americana Music Show for our artists, and Calvin’s support of good music in general. Be sure to check out the website!